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Our Story

our vision is to build the world’s most creative and culturally-inspired watch company, inspired by diversity, inclusion, and unprecedented consumer loyalty.

we want every single person in the world to know and love our creative watches.

Our Goal

our goal is to challenge the norm, by developing purposeful watches that are more affordable, more sustainable, and more ethically inspired.

we noticed that the watch industry was complacent and lacked originality. we created springbreak to solve this problem.

Who We Are

we are two african american fraternity brothers, from a historical small town in North Carolina known as Fayetteville. we love our home town and will never lose sight of the values we were taught. we tie in our hometown roots into our watches, either by name or design. we have a passion for creativity, originality, modern culture, and diversity.

at our core, we enjoy giving back to our community. we will always find imaginative ways to invest in what we believe in. our objective is to inspire the youth and our peers to jumpstart their entrepreneurial dreams.

Our Name

our name was derived by our deep passion for education and learning, and considering our positive experiences while in school, we wanted our company to be college themed. we abbreviated the "Springbreak" name and came up with the official logo of SPGBK.