Proudly Black Owned. HBCU Made. Designed in North Carolina.

SPGBK Watches - Our North Carolina Story

Springbreak (SPGBK) Watches is a designer watch company, based out of North Carolina, that provides an amazing variety of impactful, unique, & colorful watches. We draw strength and inspiration from our community & culture, our beautiful childhood experiences growing up in Fayetteville, and our strong passion for education (hence the name "Springbreak"). Each watch and watch band in our collection is symbolic & named in honor of a school or community located in our hometown.

"Like Frederick Douglass, SPGBK is inspired by education because I believe it provides a direct pathway to true freedom. I have always been obsessed with Black History and have an intense personal interest in education, but it was not until I read his (Frederick Douglass’) book did I discover the true value of it, which made me want to share its importance with our community & the entire world." - Kwame

We create & design reinvigorating watches you'll be proud to wear.

Our goal is to introduce new watches that feel better; meaning they resonate in your spirit and will make you feel proud to wear. Expensive designer watches are often glorified within our culture and we are challenging that narrative head on by providing an unmatched watch alternative, that is more purposeful, more affordable, and represents the excellence within our community.

Our watches provide creatives with another opportunity to share their souls to the world.

We are bringing beautiful & vibrant energy to wrists across the world, by providing colorful vehicles (watches) for expressing your authentic and creative taste. We want everyone to love our watches and there’s no need to break the bank or sacrifice quality for price. With this in mind, we’ve made sure that all our watches are both high quality and affordable for our customers.

"There is no rule that says you have to wear the same watch every day and with our diverse collection of watches, SPGBK provides you with the perfect opportunity to express your creativity right on your wrist. Also, wearing a SPGBK watch will make you feel proud, because of our story and what we represent, and provides a level satisfaction that can't be found anywhere else."

SPGBK Watches 2021 Collection

Small city, Big Dreams

Launched by childhood friends that attended the same pre-school, middle school, high school, and even the same historically black college, we knew we wanted our company to have a scholastic theme, centered around education. Spring Break was always a refreshing reset before the end of the school year and we wanted to capture that essence in our name. Also considering our positive experiences while in school, we make sure to tie our hometown/HBCU roots into our watches either by name or design.

"Our hometown has a major influence on our brand is ultimately the foundation of who we are as a company. Even though Fayetteville may be considered a small town, there are so many prominent & inspiring people that come from this beautiful place we call home. We want to leverage SPGBK as an opportunity to honor Fayetteville and be drum majors/champions for the city overall. Therefore, we name every watch that we release in honor of a school, community, or event in Fayetteville, North Carolina."

The “SPGBK” acronym is an abbreviation of “Springbreak” which is the formal name of our company.