SPGBK Watches Awards Scholarships to 6 High School Seniors with The Two-Six Project

  • Charitable partnership supports the first annual SPGBK Legacy Scholarship
  • Two-Six Project serves multiple schools in Cumberland through a variety of educational and athletic initiatives

    May 23, 2022 - We are excited to announce our new charitable partnership and collaborative efforts with the Two-Six Project, a local organization in Fayetteville, North Carolina that serves as an incubator for educational and athletic initiatives for youth in marginalized communities. 

    This partnership includes a $6,000 financial contribution that supports the first annual SPGBK Legacy Scholarship and other organizational resources. This scholarship will allow six Pine Forest High School seniors to pursue higher education and encourage them to reach their career goals. The awards ceremony will take place at Segra Stadium on June 3rd, 2022. 

    “The Two-Six Project is proud to partner with Spring Break Watches to further our mission in developing leaders in the community”, said Grant Bennett, founder, Two-Six Project. “This partnership will not only provide scholarships to our graduating students but also provide networking opportunities for our participants. We are grateful for the support of Spring Break and wish to foster a greater relationship to provide innovative and sustainable pathways of success for our youth!”

    The Two-Six Project serves the Cumberland county school district, and places an emphasis on social impact, creativity, and culture through a variety of interactive leadership and character development activities, clinics and programming. These programs are powered by committed volunteers and partners, like SPGBK,  who authentically engage and uplift the community. 

    “Partnering with the Two-Six Project is a meaningful partnership since many of our efforts are heavily influenced and focused on recognizing and empowering the city and people of Fayetteville,” said Kwame Molden, Co-Founder and CEO, SPGBK.  “We’re glad to help support this organization and continue to support the community that supported me.”

    Two Six Night with SPGBK Watches and The Two Six Project in Fayetteville, NC

    About Two-Six Project

    The Two-Six Project explores leadership and character development through a variety of interactive activities, clinics, programming, and scholarships. We will place particular emphasis on social impact, creativity, and culture. Our programming is our way of authentically engaging our community. Programming will be powered by committed volunteers who help deliver our programs and services.

    About SPGBK Watches

    SPGBK Watches is a designer watch company, based out of North Carolina, that provides an amazing variety of impactful, unique, & colorful watches. We draw strength and inspiration from our community & culture, our beautiful childhood experiences growing up in Fayetteville, and our strong passion for education (hence the name "Springbreak"). Each watch and watch band in our collection is symbolic & named in honor of a school or community located in our hometown.

    To learn more about this partnership, contact us at press@springbreakwatches.com

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