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SPGBK Watches Honors Hertford County Educators with Free Watches

  • Hertford County is the home for many operations and distribution for SPGBK Watches
  • Donated over $5,000 worth of watches to Riverview Elementary school 

November 8, 2022 - In the small northeastern county in North Carolina, Hertford County is the home for many operations and distribution for SPGBK Watches. This month, SPGBK wanted to give back not only to Hertford County, but the many change agents and educators in the area. 

"Our company & family is rooted in this amazing county and we've operated here for over five years. Giving watches to teachers from Hertford County is our way of saying thank you in a unique & meaningful way" said Kwame Molden, Co-Founder of SPGBK Watches.

The watch company donated $5,000 worth of watches to Riverside Elementary, which serves Pre-K through 5th-grade students. 

“We want to thank SPGBK from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful gift of watches you provided to the teachers of Riverview Elementary School. This gift put a smile of the faces of not only our teachers, but our students as well, said Deborah Brown , Principal of Riverview. “This day and age where teachers feel under valued and under appreciated, SPGBK went above and beyond to demonstrate that they value the service teachers provide to the community.

We will forever champion teachers and educators across North Carolina who work tirelessly with students and their families to help prepare and shape their futures. Whether you’re an active or retired educator, SPGBK honors those who touch the lives of students everywhere. 

 About SPGBK Watches

SPGBK Watches is a designer watch company, based out of North Carolina, that provides an amazing variety of impactful, unique, & colorful watches. We draw strength and inspiration from our community & culture, our beautiful childhood experiences growing up in Fayetteville, and our strong passion for education (hence the name "Springbreak"). Each watch and watch band in our collection is symbolic & named in honor of a school or community located in our hometown.

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