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What is SPGBK?

SPGBK (short for Springbreak) is a contemporary watch brand, driven by millennials, that is purely focused on providing fashion pioneers with affordable and high quality watches. 

SPGBK has a clear purpose: Helping to bring eco-focused fashion products to modern culture.

How was SPGBK started?

Launched by two fraternity brothers and childhood friends from a small town in North Carolina, our idea surfaced while looking for a cool watch to wear on the beach during college Spring Break that stood out, but was affordable. In the following years, we decided to embark on our idea and provide watch fanatics & people that enjoy contemporary accessories, with a better watch that we all deserve. A watch that is more innovative, more awesome, and more eco-friendly.

How did you get the name SPGBK?

Our name was derived by our deep passion for education and learning, and considering our positive experiences while in school, we wanted their brand to be college themed. We also wanted our watches appeal to the mass market and modern culture, so we abbreviated the "Springbreak" name and came up with the official logo of SPGBK.

Why create a new watch? 

The problem discovered prior to launching SPGBK was that there was a lack of originality within the watch industry. Everyone was wearing the same metal linked watch or a thick plastic watch. In addition to the complacency, the other wood watches in the market were EXTREMELY over-priced and were, for lack of a better word, plain & boring. They looked very simple and didn't embody the feel of a REAL watch.

Also, most eco-friendly fashion products you find are mostly boring, expensive, and are targeted specifically for the eco-conscious. We are working to bridge this fashion gap and want to ignite the eco-friendly crusade of modern & urban products. We feel there should be more awareness on the importance of integrating sustainable products across the world today and we will do all that we can to help push this message.

What are the benefits of using wood?

    • Awesome Design
      • Eco-Friendly with a low carbon footprint
        • Biodegradable Material
          • Sustainable Product
            • Opportunity to break the mold within the watch industry

              All of our watches are all made from wood, such as maple or sandal wood, which makes them sustainable and much more appealing than your average watch.

              Any more questions?

              Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions which is a complies list of answers to some of the questions we receive from our loyal customers and the press.

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