Top 5 Men's Summer Apparel & Accessories for 2013

 Here are the top 5 men's apparel & accessories needed for 2013

1. Dark Shades

Dark shades in the summer are a must. I know these shades can be worn year around, but they are still a necessity. This summer, you can not leave out of your home with out this essential item. If you attend a cookout or a function without your dark shades you will feel incomplete and will not be able maxmimze your potential to win.

2. Tank Tops

Tank tops have been growing increasingly popular over the last couple of years and I support it. Tank tops give you that extra motivation to work harder in the gym because unless you are a slinder guy, you have to be some-what fit to pull a tank top off.  I would recommend that you stock pile on these tanks as soon as you can before summer hits, because I am sure that the best tanks are sure to sell out. #TankSeason

3. Big Face Watch

As a watch enthusiast and co-founder of my own watch company, there was no way I could leave out a list with out a big-face watch. When I say big face, I am not referring to a huge watch that can barely fit on your hand. Just a large face watch that is about 40-46mm wide. In the summer, your arms are out more, so this is the perfect chance to show off your unique watch.

4. Slim Fit Wallet

This one may sound a little weird, but a slim fit wallet is a must for Summer 2013 as well. This type of accessory is a huge trend right now and it is also efficient. At cookouts or at the beach, it will be more relaxing to have a wallet that fits your pockets and doesn't bulge out of your shorts. I highly recommend purchasing a thin wallet soon.

5. Retro or Colorful Shoe

I'm all about standing out and the perfect way to grab some attention is with a classic pair of Retro Jordan's or a loud and bright shoe, like the KD's or Kobe's.  The summer is the best time to show off your extensive shoe collection. Also, since the shoe game is becoming extremely saturated, you must take your time and find a shoe that will help you stick out and express your creativity.


Thats my list. You will win crazy this summer with these essential summer accessories.


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- Big Kwam

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