Why Cam Newton is a North Carolina Legend

Why Cam Newton is a North Carolina LegendAt only 24, Cam Newton has risen to levels only a few can dream of in the NFL. And in North Carolina he's already a legend. Here's why.

He has bagged a national championship and also won the Heisman trophy. Cam showed huge potential from his high school days when he was playing for Westlake (Atlanta) Dallas Allen. From his junior year he consistently proved that he is among the best quarterbacks any team could die to have in their team. 

His debut season at the panthers was a legendary show. He was able to pass 21 touchdowns, averaging about 8 yards a throw. He ran a whopping 706 yards and a league high of 506 yards. His 14 TDs run was a record breaker, being the first NFL quarterback to ever achieve that. He truly turned around the fortunes of his team making him a force to recon with. Besides his technical ability he has the physical power to take a team all the way to a super Bowl.

Only having played for about five seasons, Cam can easily fit into the shoes of legends.

Statistics show that Newton is the first player to have attained 340 passing yards and 100 rushing yards in the same game. He is equally the first player in the history of the game to have five touchdown passes and hundred rushing yards in the same game. By the end of 2015 Cam had at least 3000 passing yards and 500 rushing yards for five seasons making him the first one to reach such heights in the history of the game.

He is undoubtedly in the club of legends, becoming the fourth quarterback to win a minimum of 17 regular-season starts in the Super Bowl, a source from ESPN.Com reveals. The only other three legends to soar to such levels are Tom Brady, Peyton manning and Jim McMahon. History also favors Newton, given that most legends in the sport like Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath achieved greatness early in their career, just like Newton. This plus his young age gives him an upper hand.

Cam Newton's influence on North Carolina's Community

Interestingly, Newton is not only a legend in the fields, but also stands to become a legend in transforming lives. Already his huge achievements are transforming North Carolina. The huge prize money that he has helped his team win finds its way into the economy through taxes. He truly has a soft spot for humanity and mingles well with people. His former high school coach while responding to a question in an interview to a journalist, said that Cam loves kids and enjoys playing around with them, this is according to wcnc.com Through his foundation Cam is also touching and transforming lives. He is helping the old, the disabled and the less fortunate people in society both in North Carolina and beyond.

Moral of the Story: Amazingly, even with the many accolades and achievements to his name, the future is still limitless for Newton. He can and will absolutely achieve super greatness, only time will tell.


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