Why Wrist Watches Will Always Be In Style

The wrist watch is here to stay. 

Wrist watches have a rich history. From the trench watches used by soldiers during the first world war to prestigious brands like Rolex, watches form part of our lives. Despite the technological advancement, which in many a times have threatened the existence of the wrist watch, the classical watch has often weathered the storm.

It is true that most people today reach out for their smartphones, tablets and other PCs to check the time, but occasionally you will see a number of people rocking in nice looking watches. Have you ever wondered why the classical wrist watch just won’t go? Here is why.

1. Wrist watches are convenient.

It is only simple to turn your arm to check the time than fishing out a cell phone. Pulling out a phone in the middle of a conversation often comes out as rude, be it a date or just a simple talk with colleagues. With a wrist watch, one can easily avoid this with a quick glance at the watch without even anyone noticing. In some instances, both your hands could be engaged, like carrying luggage and you still need to check the time, with a wrist watch that is only simple compared to anything else. One can also wear a watch to places where handsets are restricted or not suitable like in beaches, weddings, swimming pools, etc.

2. Wrist watch can spice up your style.

For men, a watch fits as a simple, classy jewelry, given that men have a limited choice compared to women. Men and women can use a wrist watch to reveal their taste and style. For instance, a business executive would prefer a Rolex to a Casio as a way of showing his class and status. A wrist watch simply reveals a lot about the wearer’s personality.

3. Watches can as well retain our history.

The wrist watch like any other piece of invention has evolved. People often like owning masterpieces from different generations and eras as a way of remembering an occasion or people who have came before them. For instance, owning a watch that belonged to a deceased family member makes one connect to them in a wonderful way. A beautiful watch as a gift to a loved one or a younger generation leaves a long lasting memory.

4. Wearing a wrist watch is a sign of maturity.

As the adage goes, boys look at their smartphones to check time, men look at a watch. Most grown-ups are used to wearing a watch to an extent of feeling “naked” if they go out without one. Most people also have a personal attachment to a particular piece of watch they have been wearing for years. It is not strange to find someone arguing that a wrist watch connects them with time. They say that it makes them more keen to how they spend their time.

Moral of the Story: Get yourself a wrist watch. They will be here forever.


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Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar

February 06, 2017

yes I completely agree with the statement that classic watches will never ever die because of many reasons
A smart watch is a gadget for tech-savvy consumers who tend to follow trends and wish to make their lives more productive or interesting by strapping on a device that is less like a watch and more like a computer
Luxury or classic watches are geared for older consumers while smart watches seem to be geared towards younger ones. A smart watch may even open up the world of luxury watches to a younger consumer down the line.


April 18, 2016

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March 22, 2016

Wrist watches will definitely remain in style for a long time. Not only they are purely fashionable, elegant and visually stunning, they give a person a matured personality. so yeah moral of the story is duly noted and I am going to tell all my friends who don’t own watches why they should.

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