The Spring in North Carolina

As natives of North Carolina, we are pretty used to the bi-polar weather that occurs each season. Sometimes it's cold and raining crazy. Sometimes it's beautiful and warm. Either way, we still love where we are from and couldn't imagine residing anywhere else. With that said, we managed to capture some dope, Spring-themed pics of our Midnight wood watch outside, on a nice sunny day.  Take a look at the photos in this article. You will find nothing but tree's and bricks everywhere in the Carolina's, so that's what you will see below! 


North Carolina is awesome and so are our watches. 

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What are your thoughts on these pictures of our wooden watches? Let us know below!

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John Kempfer
John Kempfer

August 21, 2015

I’d like to have about 60 units as gifts for a golf tournament May 2016. Will you do a custom watch with logo on face or burned into the back, along with a custom color. the event will be the 25th annual KEMPFER CLASSIC INVITATIONAL GOLF TOURNAMENT, held at the Mountain Air Country Club in western North Carolina. Hope you can help, John Kempfer, Chairman

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