New Product Announcement: SPGBK Midnight

New Fresh Winter Style. The All Black Sandal Wood Watch is Finally Here. Available for Women and Men. Introducing the new black wood watch to the SPGBK collection, inspired by a mix of modern & vintage styles. 

The SPGBK Midnight Watch is the sharp new addition to our classic Blue Magic collection. This watch features a rich, black sandal wood with gold trim which provides a unique blend of vintage and modern design. Can be worn in a mixture of settings, including both official and casual atmospheres.

If you cherish modern style, class and culture, and of course a bit of (swag), this is the perfect watch for you. The SPGBK Midnight will reflect with your creative taste and individuality. There is no reason why you shouldn't have one in your collection. Grab one today and be fashion pioneer and trendsetter.

Check out the cool lifestyle pictures of the black sandal wood collection below. Click each image to learn more about the product. Use discount code: MIDNIGHT for super secret savings at checkout. Enjoy!


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Shawn Paul
Shawn Paul

January 13, 2015

The newly launched watch has great appearance. The watch can be more modified & even made it with different color dials

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