Feature Wood Watch: SPGBK Heisman

As the holiday season approaches, let's spotlight the SPGBK LA Heisman and learn more about the history of the watch and discover cool lifestyle pictures of the watch.

The SPGBK Heisman was designed to reflect the bold identify of the SPGBK brand and was reimagined to be lighter and more defined. The SPGBK is one of the most popular watches in our collection and the feedback from our customers is that it gives their outfit an extra pop. Red is also a huge trend in contemporary fashion right now and just looks awesome. We like to integrate colors into all of our watches, but we very particular when it comes to actual color selected. The dial on the SPGBK Heisman isn't your typical "red"; it's a deep cherry red that goes well with most fall colors.

Here is some of the feedback received from our customers:

I've been a huge fan of SPGBK Watches and have 2 watches already, but I am extremely impressed with this product I have yet to see wooden watch of this caliber."

"Love wearing this watch out the weekends. It looks great with a nice pair of shades and fresh pair of shoes. I recommend the Heisman for anybody with a great sense of style."

"Love the color. I wear it all the time!"

We name all of our wooden watches after cities and places that reflect the product. We chose LA or Los Angeles basically because the mixture of red and gold trim reminded us of the college USC and the connection between Heisman trophy winners and USC is pretty significant. Here at SPGBK, we consider out watches the best, because of our product quality, price, and brand. With that being said, we feel that this watch is true winner, so we named it the Heisman!

Take a look at some of the cool pictures below to check out more pictures of the watch:

SPGBK Heisman Wooden Watch - 2014

SPGBK Heisman Wooden Watch - 2014

We feel that fashion pioneers deserve a better watch. The SPGBK Heisman Wood Watch is the absolute definition of "better."

- K. 


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