3 Reasons Why Veteran Entrepreneurs are So Awesome in Business

As we all know, Veterans are awesome because of their commitment to our country and the sacrifices they endure to ensure that we live free, but I know first hand how valuable they are and I am extremely pleased to have a Co-Founder and business partner who is not only my friend, but a two time combat war veteran. As I began to reflect on the importance of Veteran's Day, I started to think about how appreciative I am to have a U.S. war veteran overseeing our business and providing sound guidance on a daily basis. 

I am so lucky to have a military veteran on my team and I encourage you to diversify your team to include members with military experience. With that being said, here are 3 reasons why Veteran Entrepreneurs are so awesome:

Veterans are Strong.

Always poised and confident, nothing phases my co-founder, Maurice Davis, when it comes to making business decisions. When I first pitched the idea of SPGBK Watches to Maurice, he was extremely decisive and was all in from the beginning. This type of dedication is priceless. I've known Maurice for a while and although he has always been very stable and calm individual, I truly feel that the military has given him that extra edge and confidence than before. I rarely see him over react under pressure and he is always reserve during periods of struggle. As entrepreneurs, we need someone on our team who will keep a neutral head when things are going good and when they are going bad. It's hard to find strong minded individuals and I feel that Veterans specialize in this character trait.

Veterans are Sharp.

Every conversation that I have with Maurice related to our business is very sharp and concise. He focuses on numbers, performance, and our long term goals at all times. He is very good at pointing out small inconsistencies from an analytical perspective and very sharp when it comes to financials. In general, I am more loose when it comes to spending and investing and he is more apprehensive which gives our business relationship good balance and sparks thought provoking discussions, when needed. I've also never seen Maurice mad or respond to pressure situations in an irresponsible way. I'm convinced that Veteran entrepreneurs will enhance the productivity of your operation and enhance the quality of your business activities.

Veterans provide Leadership.

This one is pretty clear. Maurice is a Captain in the military with 2 deployments under his belt, so of course leadership is his forte. My role as Creative Director is to consistently develop strategies to help grow our brand, provide exceptional customer service, and listen to our customers & provide solutions, but the core foundation of our company is built by the operational excellence and direction provided by Maurice. As we continue to grow and hire employees, his leadership & experience leader soldiers becomes even more valuable.

On this Veterans day, a day to pay respect to all of the men and women who serve our country, I just wanted to recognize the true HERO of our company. We value all veterans and encourage every company to hire veteran entrepreneurs or start a company with a Veteran. Your business will thrive as a result.


Co-Founder/Creative Director

SPGBK Wood Watches

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November 11, 2014

This is very true. It is always good to have someone dependable, and level headed on your team when making business decisions

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