How Should I Start My Day as an Entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, are you looking for a nice way to start your day and attack your day fresh? Try this simple trick: Listen to some music and more specifically, your favorite songs!

Every day I listen to different songs in the mornings so that I can become inspired, motivated, and focused on my long term visionary goals for my company, SPGBK.

Listening to music periodically throughout the day & leveraging different playlists for different moods can actually motivate and stimulate your work performance (depending on your job and environment). As an emerging entrepreneur myself, I listen to a variety of melodic songs that are sure to calm my nerves and clear my mind early in the morning. I strongly recommend that you do the same!

With that being said, check out this new collaboration by Chris Brown and Usher featuring Rick Ross, titled "New Flame" below. Three of my favorite artists on one track. Nice tune.

Do you have any morning motivational tips? Let us know! - K.

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