Why You Should Chase Your Dreams

I’m a firm believer that a person’s childhood shapes who they are and how they think for the rest of their lives.

When I was child, between the ages of 10 -12 years old, I was heavily involved in sports and it pretty much consumed the majority of my life. I played every recreational sport, besides football, and spent all of my free time practicing outside and playing intense games with my friends. I’ve always had big dreams and I consider myself a long-term visionary to this day. Being the dreamer that I am, I remember being faced with a major decision at a young age that would shape who I am and why I am so unsatisfied with being mediocre and not fulfilling my dreams.
At 10 years I was faced with the biggest decision of my life:
I had to make the critical choice on how I would spend my adult life. I had to make a decision on if I was going to play professional basketball in the NBA or if I was going to take my talents to the MLS and play professional soccer in the USA.
This is a huge decision to make at the age of 10, especially considering my lack of height, my average basketball skills, and the mere fact that I was just 10 years old!
What makes this so interesting for me is that I was 100% positive that professional sports were in my future. I was so passionate about both sports that I knew that playing in the league was inevitable and all I had to do was decide on which sport I would play, focus on that sport, and eventually my dream would come true.
To be honest, I was extremely dominant in soccer and had deep love for the game of basketball, but I was never a Lebron James type player. All I knew is that I loved both sports and with a little hard work and commitment, I would one-day fulfill my dream. This was a hard decision for me because although I was really good in soccer, I enjoyed and had a deep passion for basketball. I figured my best shot to play professionally was with Soccer, because of my skillset, but I thought I wouldn’t be as happy because I just enjoyed playing the game of basketball.
Even if I never got the growth spurt, that I just knew would eventually come, there were guys like Mugsy Bogues and Kevin Johnson that defied the odds. And even though my parents wanted me to focus on good grades and I made straight A’s at the time, my mind was locked in on playing sports at the pro level.
So what I did I do? I played soccer and basketball all of the time, watched both sports on TV religiously, and would hang posters all on my walls from Sports Illustrated of all my favorite players for additional inspiration. Every night, I would envision myself playing in the league and getting all of the fame that I would one day deserve.
Fast forward to today as a grown man, I still have those same lofty dreams. I dream about making a difference in this world and creating a legacy for my family. I daydream on making an impact in my industry like a Steve Jobs or Andrew Carnegie. I ask myself everyday, ‘What can I do today to get better, so that I can realize my dreams? How can I be more like my father? What can I do to fulfill my purpose in life?” How can I make my hometown proud?
The purpose of writing this blog is to inspire you to keep dreaming unrealistically. You should believe in your dreams and have the same passion I had about playing sports when I was 12 years old. Anything is possible when you commit your life to it and have faith in your abilities. I believe that the only reason I am not playing professional soccer right now is because I stopped believing. I became obsessed with being cool and chasing girls that I lost focus. I continued playing soccer and was a kicker for my high school football team, but I completely gave up basketball because I never grew to the height I felt I needed to succeed.
Recently, I have been really encouraged to succeed and I am happy that I have regained my drive for chasing my dreams. Ever since I started my own company, I’ve felt like the 12 year old child that I used to be. I encourage you to revisit your dreams of the past and reflect on how good it felt just to believe. Everybody should be doing what they love and I am an ambassador for this idea.
You can do anything you put your mind to. Whether it’s starting your own company or devoting your life to a social cause. It if makes you happy and gives you enthusiasm, you should do it full time!



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Abiola Olaitan
Abiola Olaitan

December 03, 2014

Just wanna make ma dream come ture

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