5 Reasons Why I Started My Own Business

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked here at Springbreak Watches is : Why did you start your own company? Although this is an easy question on the surface to answer, when you give it more thought, it becomes really interesting. Besides the thrill of being an entrepreneur, the monetary benefits of creating your own revenue, and the self gratification of working for yourself, I think it is very important to establish detail-oriented answers to this question, prior to launching your own business.

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons for starting my own company, particularly in the e-commerce field:

1. To Fulfill My Purpose

I've had moderate corporate success and I even went back to school to get my MBA from an accredited university. I've worked as an independent sales agent, a sales manager, and a marketing manager. In each role, I was happy with making a decent amount of income and did pretty well as far as performance, but something was always missing. I was never satisfied. I always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship but it wasn't until I launched my first e-commerce website, until I realized my true purpose. As provocative as this may sound, I wasn't born to work for somebody else, I was born to work for customers. I grew up in a household where both of my parents were successful entrepreneurs and I consider my dad my biggest role model, so it was only right that I would eventfully follow in his steps. Entrepreneurship isn't something I wanted, it's what I needed to be fulfilled.

2. To Have Fun

I like to have fun and laugh and joke around. I love the feeling of being free and doing what feels good. When you work for someone else, you will always feel trapped and feel the need to conform. I hate that. I love individuality and being creative. I want people to be themselves and be open. I want to work with people and know them personally and be apart of their lives. Although you can have this same experience by working in a healthy work environment, I think it is very rare. I look up to people like Steve Jobs, who wore sneakers and a turtle neck to work. I used to say to myself "How awesome would it be to wake up and dress how I feel like dressing? How awesome would it be to work whenever I feel like working?" After reading more about these people I looked up to, I learned that I wasn't going to have the fun at work or in life the way I wanted, unless the company I worked for was my own.

3. To Create Jobs

I know this one seems far fetched. Why would I want to start my own company to create jobs? Well, it is true. I want to create jobs for my friends, family, and my community. I love North Carolina and I always wanted to give back. I know what it is like to be a recent college graduate with no concrete plans or a college student looking for an internship worth while. I have family members that are currently in school and just graduated and I would love to have them come work for me one day. During a time where good jobs for young people are scarce, I want to be somebody's helping hand. Owning my company and growing it to scale where we can give create jobs is something I am really passionate about. When I worked for companies in the past, I would constantly get my friends interviews and do whatever I could to connect them with a job. Not having a job or a plan is a terrible feeling and I want do everything I can help. Starting my own business would allow me to create change!

4. To Leave A Legacy

I'm real big on being legendary, meaning when I'm gone and forgotten about, my story will live on. Starting own company and establishing it to the point where it is it's own entity would be my way of establishing a solidified legacy. I don't have any children, but the mere thought of having a family is what drives me everyday. One of my favorite things to say is : "History will remember me." Although I am very philanthropic, I knew deep down in my heart, that I wasn't going to leave the legacy I wanted to leave, without starting my own business.

5. To Impress My Mother

I told my mother when I was a child that I would be rich and successful in my early 20s. One day, I woke up and realized that I haven't met that goal. I made Straight A's all through out grade school, not because I was focused on learning, but I wanted to make my mother proud. She always told me I was smart and I could do anything I wanted to do when I got older. And I believed her. Actually, I still believe her. So, one of my main reasons for starting my own company is see her smile and to show her that she was right about me.

Your reasons may be different than mine or they may be very similar, but I think the most important takeaway from this article is that you need to define your "why"

We are embarking on our first year of business here at Springbreak Wood Watches. It's been an amazing journey and I just wanted to share this information with you. Hopefully this inspires somebody to take that leap of faith. You can learn more about my company and brand's story at www.springbreakwatches.com and follow us @woodwatches.

Peace - KM

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