How To Properly Rock A Wooden Watch - 5 Cool Ways to Wear Your New Watch

So you just bought your new wooden watch and you can't wait to wear it out. You've read all of the reviews, you received the watch, and it looks awesome!  You are about to put it on and show off your unique watch with your friends, when all of a sudden, you get confused on how to wear your wood watch or what you can wear it with. 

No worries! It's completely understandable and we hear this all the time from our customers. 

Check out these 5 cool and fashionable ways to wear your wooden watch:

1. Suit and Tie

Picture yourself wearing a nice fitted navy suit, with brown wing tip shoes and brown belt, a crisp pocket square, and to top it all off, you include your wood watch for flare. Wearing a wood watch with a suit is probably the best way to spice up an outfit.  The classic look of the watch and the neutral color of the wood will blend really nicely with a suit. A wooden watch, with a cool design, stands out way better than any other watch could. 

2. Classic Button Shirt

I am a simple guy and I like for my accessories to do most of the talking when I wear an outfit. Most of our customers like the wood watch because of the thickness of the band and the extra pop it gives to a classic outfit. I would recommend rolling up your sleeves and throwing on your wood watch when headed to the bar, a nice dinner date, or even to school. Whether its a nice jean shirt or a colorful cotton western style shirt, this watch will look great on your arm.

Here is an example of the type of shirt below: 

 This specific shirt can be found at Urban Outfitters.

3. Fitted White T-shirt/V-Neck

A plain white t shirt or v-neck is another cool way to spice up a natural and appealing outfit. Let the wood watch emphasize your taste. A simple, fitted v-neck or crew neck shirt paired with a nice wood watch, is perfect way show of your style in a subtle yet unique way. This is how I wear my wood watch. I like how the Springbreak White Party balances out my outfit when I wear a plain t-shirt, stone washed jeans, and a colorful running shoe. 

Here is an example how a wood watch will look with a simple t-shirt:

4. Business Casual

Let's face it: a wooden watch is made for an individual with a self-expressive and edgy style. With that being said, we have found that most of our customers wear their wood watch to work.  It's a huge conversational piece and it's not too loud to be considered inappropriate. I can guarantee that your coworkers will be very impressed with your watch and will definitely ask you where you got yours from. Try wearing your watch to work one day and see how well it goes with your outfit. I'm sure it will make your day.

5. Outdoors

It's only right to wear your wood watch when doing any type of activity outside. It goes great with performance gear and any athletic attire.  If you are headed to the beach, a nice baseball or football game, or a hike in the woods, this is a great watch option. Also, most of our customers love fitness, nutrition, and appreciate an active lifestyle. If this sounds like you, that means you will love a wooden watch. Lastly, don't be afraid to compliment your wood watch with a fuel band or any other type of fashionable wrist wear. 


A wood watch is a great watch alternative for a regular metal or plastic men's or women's watch. There are no boundaries for what you can wear with your wooden watch. It can be worn with anything and it will always be the topic of conversation. Our wooden watch in particular is designed to embody the feel and look of a real watch. Use these ideas to come up with different ways to integrate your new watch into your personal wardrobe. Your new wooden watch will definitely punctuate your already unique style. 

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Written by Kwame, Owner of Springbreak Wood Watches.

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