How to Register as a Voter in North Carolina

Do you know how to register to vote in North Carolina? It's really simple and straight forward. We love North Carolina and want to make sure everyone is aware on how you can vote. Scroll below to learn the required steps to vote in 2016.

Famous and renowned people have had so much to say about voting. Some have not minced their words on those who qualify to vote but never do. Phrases such as “bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t cast their votes are common in campaigns. This could be maybe an effort to compel one to see the significance of voting. Just like other rights, so is voting. Casting a vote allows one to air their views on how they want to be governed, and it gives them the moral authority to hold those elected to office accountable. So how exactly does one register as a voter in North Carolina?

Having meet all the requirements to be dully registered as a voter in North Carolina, one can follow the following steps:

Complete a voter registration application

To the best of your knowledge, complete and sign the form by providing the following information;

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Citizenship status
  • Residential address

Exclusion of a sign may result to delay in registration for up to some days. On completion, the form is to be mailed to North Carolina Elections Board. However, if it is the first time to register or it is a new application, ensure to submit the registration/application form before the deadline. That is, you have to submit an original application form to the elections board.

Notification to successful applicants.

One qualifies to be a voter upon successful completion and approval of voter registration application. North Carolina elections Board will subsequently mail you your voter registration card on approval. This is often proof or confirmation that you have been registered. An important point to note however is that, the mailing cannot be forwarded as it doubles up to confirm you residential address.

Should it be returned by the postal service as undeliverable, it will be mailed once more to the voter. Subsequent failure of the mail to be deliverable in the second round might result to revocation of the applicant’s registration.

Voter card

Applicants who were successful; met all requirements such as transmission of the application form before the deadline, should expect to receive their voter card within 1 to 2 weeks after registration.

Should you not receive the voter card however, it means that there were some minimum thresholds or requirements which you didn’t meet. A follow up with the North Carolina Elections Board may be in order to ascertain why you didn’t receive your voter card.

Note: Should the transmission of the voter application form be received by the elections board after the deadline, the voter card is not mailed until after completion of the election.

Moral Story: Get registered. Go Vote. That simple.



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