Why Kanye West is the New Steve Jobs

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Why Kanye West is the New Steve JobsYes. I said it and I meant it.

In a recent interview, Kanye admitted that he wants to be the new Steve Jobs of the Gap. Kanye was speaking during the launch of Yeezus season 1.

By that he meant that he wants to be the creative brain behind the well-known brand. Admittedly, if that is the case, then Kanye still has a long way before he can match Jobs shoes.

However, from what we can see, he is a Steve Jobs in the making given the similarities the two share. It only happens to be in two different spheres, with Kanye making his impact in the Music and fashion industry. Here is why I think Kanye is the new Steve jobs...

Kanye + Steve had similar journeys

It has not been a smooth sailing journey to the top for the two. Steve jobs had to face a number of setbacks from the time he founded his first company to his second company and returning to Apple, it was bitter sweet medicine as Steve described it. He got fired along the way, had challenges getting funding and so forth but he still got his way to the top. Kanye’s journey has equally been marred by challenges. His first womenswear wasn’t a success. He got ridiculed and criticized for venturing into unknown waters, but he has still persisted. Kanye like Steve accepted failure and learnt from the experience. Kanye has since started working in a partnership with Adidas which is successful and now the Yeezus season 1 and still soaring high.

Kanye just like Jobs is a master of his art.

Jobs revolutionized the PC world with the production of apple products. The iPod changed the way people perceived portable music, selling a whopping 350 million plus pieces. Jobs is once noted saying that his major contribution was bringing out liberal arts in the use of computers. Similarly, a lot can be said about Kanye from his Music to fashion design. He puts a lot of effort into his music and works with top talent in the fashion industry to make things happen.

Steve and Kanye exhibit passion in their work.

Steve is also quoted saying “every good product I have seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something that they and their friends wanted”, a source from says. This is a statement that truly revealed his love for what they did at apple. Kanye has equally expressed similar sentiments saying that he aims at creating products that people would love to associate with and own for the rest of their lives. Clearly, money is not the only driving force behind Kanye’s goals, but a desire to touch and solve people lives which is only possible through passion for work.

Moral of the Story: Needless to say, success comes with its own challenges. There are those that will love you and those that will hate you. Kanye has also faced his own share of haters through criticism in all sorts of platforms, but whether you like it or not Kanye west is the new Steve jobs.


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